Adventure Island Free Download

Adventure Island Free Download:-oceanofgames Adventure Island Free Download .Adventure Island for PC.Adventure Island Free Download game setup. Dive into Adventures island where you can face challenges and have to survive.

Adventure Island Overview:-Adventure Island is an adventure and arcade games. This game is made especially for children. This game is just like the arcade game Wonder Boy name which was published by Sega. Master Higgins Adventure Island protagonist. The boss the game the evil witch doctor.

Adventure Island Free Download

This is a very interesting story. To save the princess’s life, Master Higgins to complete 32 stages. 32 stages are 8 different areas. 8 in 4 steps each. 4 posts at each stage of the game player to save the game and the player loses his life so that he can continue to play your game from the last saved checkpoint. After reaching the 4th round in each player face a boss. Bass become more powerful as the game progresses.

Adventure Island Free Download

He or she touches the enemy fell into the water when the player will lose his life. In this game the player has a health meter. Then collide with the health points of rocks or other objects as you progress in the game and the players. The health points Player fruit or milk bottles to refill can choose different types of which are on the way. Another amazing thing in this game is that the player reaches the score of 50,000 or 100,000 is provided by a life. This game is a special kind of bee. He is the player who takes the fly can kill enemies by just one touch and increase the speed.

Adventure Island PC game has only one end. The game ends when the player has to defeat all the enemies of the 8 areas. The player saves the princess’s life to do so. This game is like Mario. Mario did not play the game before you start. After this first download and install Secret Maryo Chronicles.

Adventure Island Features:-Adventure and arcade game.Interesting Story.Especially for kids.32 different stages in 8 different areas.4 check points in each stage.Powerful Boss.Special type of bee, that increases speed of player.This game has only 1 end.

Adventure Island System Requirements:-Below are the minimum system requirements of Adventure IslandOperating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.CPU: 800 GHzRAM: 256 MB

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Adventure Island Free Download


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