HOW TO INSTALL GAME AND UPDATE:-Today we will tell you how you can install and update the games to the latest versions.If you have any questions do ask


To install the game Maybe you will meet two popular case:

1. You get .ISO files (or .CUE, .MDS) or Setup files…. when extracted. Below we have uploaded a video for you see the video  Tutorial Video Below: (Example with “Magicka 2” game).

2. If you don’t get .ISO files (or .CUE, .MDS) or Setup files….That mean you don’t need install, only extract and play. See Tutorial Video Below: (Example with “PAYDAY 2” game).

Now install the update

II. Install the UPDATE:

Example install UPDATE of “Magicka 2” Game.

See the video it will solve your problem.Many people ask some comment question below are the some common questions and their answers.

General Questions

Q: How do I install a game with multiple parts?
A: Download all the parts and extract the first one!

Q: How do I update a game from here?
A: Download the entire game again and replace and add all the new files over the old ones!

Q: How do I extract .rar files?
A: Download WinRAR here (direct download): WinRAR 5.31

Q: How do I mount .iso files?
A: Download DAEMON Tools Lite here (direct download): DAEMON Tools Lite 10.2.0

Q: How do I mount .cue files?
A: Usually, .cue files should always come with .bin files as well! To mount a .cue file, the .bin and .cue files must be in the same directory!

Q: How do I apply cracks?
A: Go into the crack folder, copy all of its contents, go into the game’s root folder, and replace and add the new files!

Q: Why isn’t the game saving?
A: Try running the game as an administrator!

Q: When I launch the game, I get taken to the Steam page! What do I do?
A: Did you crack the game? The crack can be located in different places, like:

– In a folder in a .iso file
– In a folder in a .rar file

Sometimes, the crack is already applied or included in the installer!

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