How to Know When Your Garage Door Springs Need Repair

Your garage door is a vital part of your home, providing security and protection to your belongings. It’s important that it operates correctly at all times – which means you should know when it needs repair. The springs are one of the most critical components of a functioning garage, so knowing when they need repairing can be especially helpful. To help you identify when your garage door springs need repair, here are a few key signs you should know.


If your garage door is making strange noises – such as loud creaks or bangs –it could indicate that the springs need servicing. Garage door springs can become worn over time, so if you’ve noticed that your door is becoming more difficult to open or close, this could also be a sign that the springs need repair. If the springs are too loose, it can cause them to stretch and weaken, resulting in difficulty lifting and closing the garage door.

Another common issue with garage door springs is rusting. If you notice rust around the springs, it indicates that they need to be replaced. Rust can cause damage to the coils and weaken their structure, leading to a malfunctioning garage door.

Finally, if your garage door suddenly stops working altogether or takes longer than usual to open or close, this could also be a sign that the springs need to be replaced. Garage door springs are designed to be under a lot of tension; over time, they can become loose or worn out from regular use. Replacing them is necessary for maintaining safety and proper functioning of your garage door.

By being aware of these signs, you can identify when it’s time for garage door spring repair in Newport News. Regular maintenance and inspection can keep your garage door functioning properly and ensure your belongings are secure.

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