Imperfect but Great MMORPG New World Reviews on Steam are Getting Better

New World resources are often contested in many places, but in some places people have not noticed that We have been farming New World Coin over and over for several hours, so We did not have too many problems because of the large number of people. And We didn’t experience any delays due to the number of people, campfires or the number of enemies, which is really good, especially for PvP. The game looks very good. The area is a mix of vibrant and dark, depending on where you are in the game.

It is about the resource itself. First, if you harvest a resource—such as mining some iron—sometimes that resource will not disappear as it should. It will stay there and cannot be harvested, even if it provides you with a button prompt to harvest it. It will eventually return to normal, but this is a visual glitch, and We have seen this glitch many times with several different sources. Another problem is the animals that can be skinned. Sometimes, they end up stuck on another resource, and if you accidentally take another resource, it becomes almost impossible for the animals to get close.


Sometimes they will float in the air and you cannot peel them; other times, they will almost completely disappear under the world, and you must peel them in the right place.

The Biggest Problem Encountered in the Game:

The queue time is wrong. We have encountered this situation twice, both after updates and announcements stating that they fixed the error. Obviously they did not fix it properly. This is not the biggest problem for me, because my server is not always full of people, but what about some people on the more populous server? This is the worst thing that can happen because it kicks you out of the queue and you have to start from the beginning. It usually causes you to fall behind when you first started waiting in the queue. Yes, it is clear that dealing with the issue of maximum server size is the biggest issue, but this is certainly the next issue.


A month later, there was a loophole that broke the game:

– Make players invulnerable in PvP

Scammed hundreds of thousands of New World Coins during server transfer

– Due to the ridiculously high respawn rate in an area-

Victory in an event (war or invasion) is achieved by adding/removing players from the event

– Leading to the main final game PvP mode Outpost Rush has been enabled for less than 4 hours since its release.

– Prevent players from clearing the 5th layer of corruption, and then over-reward players for doing so

– Use AoE spells to cause the opponent to lag in the war

In order to solve these problems, Amazon released a patch within a few days (in order) to stop the server transmission, reduce the respawn rate, and do nothing, but hope it will not spread like a virus, disable the mode, disable the rewards, did not do anything.

Focus on the last one: Ice Gloves and Life Staff are key PvP weapons of war because they provide AoE DOT/Crowd Control and AoE HOT. PvP wars are conducted on control points, which means that up to 100 players can surround and compete for a point. Stacking these spells will always cause the player at that point to lag, unable to move or attack. Every war evolves into throwing AoE (and lag) back and forth between the two sides, until one of them dies while lagging. This needs to be solved forever, so it is basically impossible for the attacker to win the war.

Make no mistakes: The PvP war experience is terrible. If you are a melee, you don’t actually have half the time to play. Amazon has not taken any measures to solve this problem.

The game is not even close to completion.


There are hundreds of trivial errors floating in this game. Some of them are stupid and bad. Some of them should not pass the game test. None of them should still exist. Some examples:

An animation of 250 perk means you need to stay at 249. Fire Staff’s flame pillars are randomly centered on you, not your sight. Life Staff’s treatment interface is a mess. These will affect the core loop of the game: combat.

The settlement will not report the level of its crafting/refining station correctly on the map.

Many tooltips in games are actually incorrect.

However, the most annoying mistake is resource tracking. Instead of the minimap, there is a compass HUD to indicate the presence of nearby resources. When you upgrade your collection skills, your HUD will automatically track nearby resources. Unless they are not. Sometimes, tracking is just a glitch and stops working randomly. Oops! The point is that this feature is rubbish. You don’t need it. The resource generation location is not random. They could have avoided this error by deleting features they failed to implement.

Many of them are in the beta; why are they not fixed by patch #3?

Design Problem

Even the main task has several breakpoints. It requires 3 raids with 5 people, but there is no landfill system other than the chat channel. Inexplicably, the two main mission bosses are difficult/impossible to be solo, but they also exist behind doors that require players to have missions to enter. When players are done, they can no longer help the players behind them. In the end, the boss needs at least 5 players to reliably kill in 10 minutes, even at level 60. Naturally, there is a loophole that allows the remote character to single it. Bet this will be repaired before the war is repaired.

The battle feels promising, but the interaction between animation cancellation, motion buffering, and server response feels terrible. Take the Staff of Fire: If you cast and hold LMB before the animation ends, you will do nothing afterwards. Taking into account factors such as potions, weapon exchanges, enemy abilities, delays, etc., all of this produces a very clumsy system that rewards more micro-mechanisms than macro-mechanisms such as ability selection, combination, evasion, and aiming. Of course, even if you solve this problem, sometimes you will cast a spell on your head. Destroyed, PvP mage.

Despite these shortcomings, the game is quite stable. If you want, you can go out to collect resources and use these resources to make things to upgrade. Of course, if you want to survive there, you have to fight some battles: dangerous animals have no mercy and will attack you no matter your level, so it’s important to upgrade your weapon skills of choice. Speaking of which, you can choose a variety of weapons in battle, you can also have secondary weapons, and you can make a variety of combinations. Obviously there are melee weapons, but there are also ranged weapons and magic weapons, so choose the one that sounds the most interesting.

There are many enemies to fight, including undead creatures, stone bears, ghosts, cursed priests and other players: PvP is an important part of this game, but if you don’t, you don’t have to do PvP. If you want, you can actually do this kind of MMO yourself… But PvP and playing with other people are much more fun than playing solo. PvP is also fair: you can set yourself in PvP mode at any time in the city, and when you set out, you have a 30-second grace period before you can attack and be attacked by others. You cannot turn off or turn on the PvP mode when you are outside the protected area, so unless you have already selected PvP, you can’t just run up and gank the low level you see in the woods for fun. In addition, you can do it in groups PvP: Gather up with up to four other players and run wild to anyone who dares to fight with you! If you have been attacking people from a certain faction, don’t be surprised if this causes you unnecessary attention from a larger group!


In general, this is an interesting MMO game. You can really play this game as you want. If you want to upgrade through PvE, you can! If you want to upgrade through PvP, you can! If you want to upgrade by doing neither but just making, you definitely can! This is why We would recommend bats to people. The idea of ​​how to play your favorite game is very rare in MMO. Many games say that you can do this by making, but in this game, making upgrades is one of the fastest methods.

The core game loop is interesting. You don’t choose a course, you choose the weapon you want to use. You can use any combination of weapons at will, and get attribute points when you level up. This is another positive thing that deserves to be pointed out. Yuan is what you think about it. There will be some weapon combinations that are slightly better than others, that’s it, but you can play almost as you want. Like to use bow and arrow staff? Go for it. Muskets and warhammers? Go for it! Sword, shield and bow? do it!


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