Tekken 1 Free Download

Tekken 1 Free Download:-Ocean of games Tekken 1 Free Download.Tekken 1 Free Download for PC.Tekken is a fighting game and is the first of the series of the same name. Tekken was released at arcades in late 1994 and on the PlayStation in 1995.

Overview of Tekken 1:-Tekken is a fighting game that is the first of the same series of the same name. Tekken was released at the end of 1994 at the mall, released on the PlayStation in 1995, and later released in Arcade History mode by Tekken 5. Tekken was developed and published by Namco. Tekken inherited Tekken 2, which in 1996. Download Tekken PC game.

Tekken 1 Free Download

Tekken is one of the first 3D fighting game franchises, the first game to use many of the concepts found in Sega Virtua fighters. Players select a character from the lineup and play against the opponent.
Tekken is different from other hand war games in some respects. Conventional fighting games typically use buttons that correspond to attack strength, such as strong or weak. However, Tekken for each of the fighters are set up a button, so that learning special attacks more intuitive. The player can watch the animation on the screen and find the appropriate command (if the right leg of the character is kicked low, the action may be performed by a press and right kick or the like).

Tekken 1 Free Download
By default, there will be two rounds of fighting. However, the player can choose from one round to five rounds, as well as the option of time limit for each round. If the winning character keeps all his or her health when not in use, the announcer will say “perfect!” If the winning character approaches the knock, the announcer will call “great!” Occasionally, the two characters will At the same time knocked down, and the announcer will call “Double KO”. If the time limit for the round is expired, the more healthy characters will be declared the winner. If it does not exist, the round will be a draw. In most cases, when a character wins, the announcer will call “K.O.”

Tekken 1 Free Download
The powerful and relentless owner of the three islands of the island Mishima announced the iron fist of the King of the Match, a battle game with a billion dollar cash prize. There are eight rivals, one of which is an undefeated world champion who does not obey the prize money, just wanting revenge against the Black River.
This man’s name is Wada three sons, the son of Pingxi. As Kazuya was five years old, Heihachi threw him on a cliff to see if he was really his son (as Kazuya’s ability to survive and crawl back), as history says. Kazuya does survive in the fall, but it leaves a deep and bloody scar on his chest, slowly claiming his life. The devil appeared before Kazuya, offering him the chance to regain his strength, taking his revenge against Heihachi in return for his soul. As a result of anger and hatred, Kazuya accepted.

Tekken 1 Free Download

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Tekken 1 Free Download

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