Top 5 Warzone Tips and Tricks to Get You More Wins

As the most daunting battle royale game for newcomers, Warzone has never been easy without professional tips and tricks.

Whether you need tips to live longer or get more wins in the game, there are many for beginners in their Warzone adventure.

Despite being complex, Warzone is always fun and thrilling at the same time, giving you the best gameplay experience ever. If you’re not familiar with COD Warzone, we advise you to try the best warzone hacks to play the game like a pro.


Get More Wins in COD Warzone with These Top 5 Tips and Tricks

So, if you’d like to combine all the tools available for more wins in this Call of Duty: Warzone, read on.

1.    Pick the Best Area, and Get There Early

In real life, you hear “First Come, First Serve,” but in the gaming community, you hear “Early birds pick the worms.” Putting this in your scenario means the earlier you land, the more kills you get.

However, before you land in your preferred area or region, always run a scan.

You don’t want to land in-between gunfights or battle zones. By checking and selecting wisely, you can land earlier and pick the worms before your opponents do.

Furthermore, if you’re playing with teammates, stay in touch so they can also give you cover. You don’t want to land and die by the unknown.

2.    The Closest Person in Your Team Should be the UAVs

UAVs help you scan through the map and know all the enemies’ positions.

Using your UAVs increases your chances of flanking and killing more enemies with ease. One good thing about UAVs is that they are easy to get. With just three kills, you can get hold of a UAV.

Don’t store them. Use your UAVs whenever necessary. It will help you a lot. With your UAVs, you can flank, initiate missiles, and detonate grenades in enemies’ camps. No matter what you do, use your logic as you play.

3.    Never Run Out of Cash: Keep Looting

While you get huge rewards after completing a mission in Warzone, it’s vital to keep looting. It goes a long way. Whether you make up to $10,000 or more, don’t stop looting and gathering cash.

You need enough cash to purchase higher and more reliable weapons. You also need cash to craft your loadout. If you’re out of cash, you could be stuck with a shotgun that can’t help but leave you at the mercy of your enemies.

You can upgrade weapons, gears, and a lot more by looting and gathering cash.

More importantly, always look around, listen for footsteps, and never spend too much time in a spot as you loot. Since enemies can use UAVs to find your location, they can try to flank you. But if you’re alert, your chance of winning will increase.

4.    Apart From Survival, Try to Enjoy the Game

Without a doubt, it’s possible to keep repeating a level in a game forever, even with a thousand tips and tricks at your fingertips. Instead of focusing solely on surviving in Warzone, try to enjoy the game.

You will discover unique strategies, tricks, and ways to play like a pro as you keep playing. Try not to concern yourself with your DR (death ratio).

Enjoy the game and play with patience. Over time, your abilities and skills will improve along with your gameplay.

5.    Go for Headshots, Only with Accuracy

When trying to give an enemy a headshot, don’t shoot until you’re sure to get a kill. Nearby enemies can hear loud gunfire and trace it to you, flanking you in the spot. Make sure you practice and perfect your aiming skills. It will help you a lot.

Furthermore, when giving a headshot, aim from higher grounds. Even if you miss the shot, you can try again without being noticed. Notwithstanding, always take cover behind objects, cars, or walls as you pull off any shooting skill.


For example, landing in the perfect area can boost your chances.

Aiming high with accuracy can go a long way too. Even though you need to survive to win the game, enjoying the game and playing with patience will help you discover unique tactics to do better.

Moreover, whether you play as a team or you play solo, one thing you must not let go of is the UAVs. They will help you spot enemies’ locations and take them off. Finally, as you pull off your tricks, don’t forget to gather more and more cash.

Keep looting even if you think you’ve made enough money. You’ll be spending more as you advance in the game.

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