What Makes Fantasy Cricket League in India So Popular?

For the unversed, Fantasy sports is the online version of real-world games in which people around the world participate in a virtual competition. You can choose your favourite players to create your own team and play against other players on the internet. Indians love cricket and worship most players like God. So, it is natural for people to enjoy Fantasy Cricket League. You can download the best fantasy cricket app and start playing.

Interestingly, you can win real money by participating and winning in such a fantasy cricket league. Fantasy Cricket League started in the year 2008 soon after IPL started. Thanks to technology, people across the globe could participate in their favourite cricket sports through websites. Today, fantasy games have become more user-friendly and people can participate in fantasy games from their smartphones and their convenience.


While fantasy cricket games picked up slowly, it did attract over 50 million users. However, the COVID pandemic forced people to stay indoors most of the time and this gave opportunity to focus on virtual games to engage themselves and keep negativity at bay. Since 2020, the number of people playing has increased four times. In addition to cricket, you can now play other fantasy league matches such as kabaddi, football, and NBA.

Today, more and more companies are investing in fantasy games and offering irresistible fantasy sports experience to their users. This is yet another reason for making fantasy cricket league so popular in India.

Have a look at the top five reasons that make fantasy cricket so popular

  1. You Can Create Your Own Team

The simple joy of being the owner of a team is luring people to play fantasy cricket league. You are the coach, captain, and general manager of this team and you can select all the top batsmen or bowlers to be part of your team. Isn’t that a dream for every cricket lover?

  1. Builds Interest in T20 Leagues

With T20 gaining a lot of popularity, it is obvious to spread to fantasy cricket as well. As T20 is played for shorter duration and being played more often, more and more people are getting attracted towards cricket fantasy leagues. Unlike the real matches, in fantasy cricket, you can keep up with all the action.

That said, Fantasy Cricket Leagues helps build more interest in the game as you get the feel of your team playing and winning. Go ahead and download the best fantasy cricket app of your choice and start playing!

  1. Allows You to Showcase Your Cricketing Skills

Fantasy Cricket League gives you the opportunity to apply your cricketing knowledge to the game. You select the players based on your experience and knowledge of their current form. With the results, you can review your understanding of the game in a better way.

Other people playing fantasy cricket can also get to see your team’s performance through the Fantasy Roster. Simply put, fantasy cricket league not only helps you showcase your cricketing knowledge but also brag a little about it to others.

  1. Keep Up With the Latest Cricket News

Fantasy Cricket Platform is one of the best places to get all the latest news about cricket. From a player being into a player being injured, you get to know it all here.

You can rely on most apps and read about the form of players and get to know about their statistics such as strike rates, averages, boundaries, dot balls, etc. Also, any new signings and roster changes are updated regularly in the app.

  1. Opportunity to Earn Money

If you want to earn money from your cricket passion then fantasy cricket is the best platform to do so. Fantasy Cricket League allows you to win money. Most apps hold daily contests and season-long contests that you can participate in and win cash prizes. So, what are you waiting for?

Final Thoughts

From the above-mentioned statistics and information, it can be said that fantasy cricket is popular among Indians and is here to stay. If you want to enjoy the exhilarating game of fantasy cricket league, you can download the best fantasy cricket app and compete with the experts from across the globe.

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